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Festivals in Mamallapuram

Mamallapuram, also known as Mahabalipuram, is the place where you will find everything that is required for a fun-filled vacation. The city has ancient temples, great architecture creations and awesome natural destinations. But apart from these salient traits, one thing that attracts one about Mamallapuram is the various festivals celebrated passionately by the local people here. The festivals in Mahabalipuram reflect the culture and traditions of this place. Thus, lots of local people with national and international tourists solemnize these carnivals.

Festivals are so much crucial in understanding the cultural heritage of a particular country. There are thousands of festivals celebrated in different regions of India and Mahabalipuram is not an exception in this regard. People of Mamallapuram celebrate all the festivals with great enthusiasm and commitment. However, there are some particular festivals renowned in the city and these are Mamallapuram Dance Festival, Masi Magam and the harvest festival of Pongal.

Mamallapuram Dance Festival

The most celebrated event, in the entire year, of Mamallapuram is the Dance Festival. It is celebrated every year in the months of December-January and continues for four months. The event is conducted under the administration of Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu. During the dance festival, well-renowned classic dancers of various Indian dance forms, such as Kathakali, Odissi, Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam, demonstrate their performances that are frequently cheer up by the audience.

Festivals in MamallapuramApart from the dance performances, the festival also includes music shows, tribal dances and puppet shows with the purpose of entertaining the people. Furthermore, the location of Mahabalipuram Dance Festival varies year to year but it is generally conducted against the splendid backdrop of the Pallava Rock Sculpture besides the sea shore.

The main purpose of arranging the Mamallapuram Dance Festival is to highlight the glory of Indian classical dance forms. Perhaps, it is the reason why this event is adored by so many people, irrespective of inside and outside Mahabalipuram. The festival truly reflects a glimpse of Incredible India.

Masi Magam

The people of Mamallapuram also celebrate their life via Masi Magam Festival. Sometimes referred to as Masi Makam, it is a Tamil Hindu festival celebrated particularly by the Tamil people. The festival is solemnized in the month of Masi i.e. February - March because Tamilians assume these months as the auspicious time for celebrating such event. Magam is among the twenty seven stars or Nakshatras according to the Hindu astrological classification.

Festivals in MamallapuramOn this day, moon appears in its full shape and aligns with Magha, which is the birth star of the Kings and ancestors. This happens only once in a year and Tamil people follow that on this day, the divine beings appear in the shape of stellar for purifying their own karma and also of the humans. This festival is celebrated with an assumption of prosperity and copiousness related with the authenticity of Magha star and the full moon.

This festival is performed by taking the temple idols to the sea shore, lake or pond for ceremonial bath. The devotees also dip their body into the water to remove all their sins and achieve Moksha. Therefore, Masi Makam has special significance in the life of Mamallapuram people.


The place of Mahabalipuram witnesses many great celebrations. One of them surely is Pongal Festival. It is among the most celebrated festival not only in Tamil Nadu but at the entire region of South India. Pongal is a four-day harvest festival, which is relished in the month of January every year. It confirms the commencement of the Tamil Month of Thai and it is celebrated with excessive solemnity and dignity by the people.

PongalThe first day of Pongal is called as Bhogi Day when the people decorate their homes with several methods and wear new clothes to welcome the New Year. On the second day i.e. the Surya Day, they worship the Sun God and then prepare delectable recipes followed by going each other’s places. Third day of Pongal festival, which is referred to as Mattu Pongal, is celebrated with offering thanks to cows and buffaloes because they are used for farming. People celebrate the last day of Pongal or Kanum Pongal by going for a long drive and enjoying picnics with their relatives and friends.

Thus, the whole place of Mamallapuram takes a different shape when its locals celebrate these festivals.

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